On Friday 4th March 2022 the Welsh Government announced plans to remove all remaining COVID-19 regulations in Wales on Monday 28th March 2022, subject to the public health situation remaining favourable.*


Currently, under Wales's Alert Level Zero regulations, face-coverings are compulsory on public transport (which the train ride element of our railway falls under by law) and in shops such as the Eric's Emporium gift shop. Until Wales moves beyond this state no earlier than Monday 28th March 2022, we ask that our customers and visitors to be aware that these regulations will still apply.

Under the Welsh Government's planned 'Covid Stable' state set out in its Together for a safer future document**, the legal obligation for those aged 11 or over to wear a face-covering on public transport unless exempt will come to an end once Wales moves beyond Alert Level Zero. Additionally, they will no longer be compulsory in shops such as our Eric's Emporium gift shop, with the requirement already lifted in hospitality settings such as our Fireman's Shovel tearoom.


We appreciate that many of those who have spent the last two years shielding from the virus are likely to be apprehensive about the removal of the remaining public health measures. Therefore, once these legal requirements end, we will politely ask our customers and visitors to continue being respectful of others during their visit.


In busy carriages and other settings, we will advise considering the wearing of a face-covering. Our trains feature good ventilation in the form of opening windows, although as always passengers must not place their head or body out the window during the journey. Our railway is busier than ever***, and although we are now once again selling on-the-day tickets with the exception of certain special events such as our Halloween Ghost Trains and Steam Santa Specials services (see here for further information), we will continue to recommend booking in advance via our ticketing provider TicketSource (link) to ensure availability. Finally, we recommend ensuring good hand hygiene.

As we return to brighter days ahead, let's keep a warm, safe and respectful welcome back in the hillside.


* Welsh Government, Written Statement: Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 5) (Wales) Regulations 2020 – 3 March Review (Published 4th March 2022) link.

** Welsh Government, Together for a safer future: Wales' long-term Covid-19 transition from pandemic to endemic (Published 4th March 2022) - link.

*** The Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway Company, Blaenavon's Heritage Railway Celebrates Record Year (Published 6th March 2022)