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We are sorry.

We are sorry.

At 5 pm yesterday we released the first batch of booking for our Steam Santa Special event. We then planned to release the subsequent tickets at 5 pm on Friday 13th November.

You all showed unprecedented interest in the first batch of tickets. We have never had so much interest in an event in our 37 years of operation. Amidst a deluge of messages from those eager to get tickets, we got caught up in the moment and brought sales forward for the subsequent days. By 5 past 6, all tickets had sold out. We want to put our hands up and admit it: we got things wrong.

We know that this caused unnecessary disappointment to many who hope to purchase tickets at a different time. Although it is by no means an excuse or a justification for our errors, our very small team of volunteers had never experienced anything quite like this. We got caught up in the moment. In the process, we let ourselves down.

We want to say to you all who were left disappointed that we are truly sorry. We really do mean this with the utmost sincerity and with much disappointment in ourselves. We can assure you that all of us are working flat out today to do whatever we can to add extra availability in a safe, COVID-compliant manner. We can also assure those who have booked tickets that the quality or safety of their experience will not be compromised.

We'll keep you up to date with any developments as we have them. If we are able to provide extra capacity, then we promise you that we will NOT make the same mistakes as we did yesterday.

With our utmost heartfelt apologies.

Blaenavon's Heritage Railway/The Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway.

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