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Information about accessibility and safety
















Current Accessible Features: 

Furnace Sidings: Disabled parking spaces (x3), accessible path to the station building, disabled toilet (x1), level access to both the Fireman’s Shovel tearoom and Eric’s Emporium gift shop within the station.

CARERS:  One carer may travel free with a fare paying less able person. The carer must obtain a complimentary ticket from the booking office on arrival at the railway, identification or written proof of the carer status must be provided in order to be eligible for free travel.

Big Pit Halt: Accessible path from Big Pit overflow car park to the station platform.


Onboard:  Our volunteers will help wheelchair users to board and alight the train via ramps.  

Please email for further information. We sincerely apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Safety Information:

To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit, we kindly ask all visitors to observe the following instructions.



  • Ensure that small children are always supervised.

  • Do not open train doors until you have come to a complete stop at a platform.

  • Take care before alighting as your carriage may not be on the platform.

  • Do not lean out of the carriage windows.

  • Take care around any construction works that may be taking place.

  • Alert volunteers to any incidents immediately.

  • Co-operate with instructions given by our volunteers when using the crossings at Furnace Sidings and Blaenavon High Level.

  • Be aware that, by their nature, our locomotives may emit smoke, oil, and cinders. The Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway Company (1983) Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage, accident or injury caused as a direct or indirect result of these emissions.



General Railway Safety:

Railways can be dangerous places, and ours is no exception. Although our trains travel slower than those on the mainline, they are still heavy and cannot stop quickly. There are also other hazards on or near the line, and all volunteers are required to pass an exam before being allowed trackside. You must follow these rules when near railway lines:

  • Never trespass on the railway. Trespassing is both dangerous and illegal, and you may be fined £1,000 if caught.

  • Never trespass into non-public areas. There are hidden hazards everywhere, with a risk of serious injury or death.  

  • Stop, Look and Listen when crossing the railway at a foot crossing.

  • Remove distractions such as earphones until you are safely away from the line.

  • Never climb on a bridge over railway tracks.

  • Never play with a ball or toy on or near a station platform.

  • Never ride bikes, skateboards or rollerblades on the station platform.

  • Never throw objects at a train or place anything on the tracks.

  • Mind the gap between the train and the platform edge when getting on or off.

door widening.jpg

Due to carriage maintenance and modification, we deeply regret that wheelchair facilities are currently reduced. At present we cannot board wheelchairs onto the train, with all passengers needing to be able to walk or be carried from the platform through the relatively narrow doors to a seat.


We expect the carriage with wheelchair access to be in service soon. The picture shows work progressing on widening the door for wheelchairs.
The carriage will also have allocated wheelchair spaces with window views.

We strive to be as accessible to our visitors as possible. We are always working on improving accessibility, and our friendly volunteers will always do their best to ensure disabled visitors enjoy their time with us.


However the very nature of the heritage rolling stock means that the accessibility of certain provisions and services may be limited.

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