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Finding Us

Free Car and Coach Parking Available

Blaenavon’s Heritage Railway is situated in the UNESCO-listed Blaenavon Industrial Landscape on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales. There are several ways to reach us from across the area by road and public transport.

By Road:

Ample free car and coach parking is available at Furnace Sidings, our main station. We are just off the B4248 at Garn-yr-Erw between Brynmawr and Blaenavon. Please use postcode NP4 9SF for satnavs and mobile devices. This will lead you to the junction of the B4248 and the road leading to the Garn Lakes and the railway, go down this road until you reach our Furnace Sidings station car park. The road is signed using the tourist information brown steam train icon.

Parking at Blaenavon's Heritage Railway is provided for visitors to the Railway and any other authorised party (subject to prior agreement with the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway Company (1983) Ltd (PBR)). The PBR accepts no liability for any loss, damage or theft of vehicles or any personal belongings left within the vehicles. All visitors park their vehicle at their own risk. Vehicles may not be parked overnight without prior agreement with the PBR. The PBR reserves the right to suspend visitor car parking or close the car park at any time.



The nearest railway stations with easy connections to our railway are at Cwmbran and Newport. Alight at either station to connect onto Stagecoach in South Wales’s X24 service from Blaenavon to Newport, which departs from Cwmbran Bus Station Stand E and Newport Market Square Bus Station Stand 16 respectively. Either ask to alight at Varteg Road Cemetery or Sycamore Road, both of which are located a short distance from Blaenavon High Level. Look out for our overbridge and follow the side path to the station. To plan your journey, visit 

Please take care if alighting at Varteg Road Cemetery as there is no pavement. Although the road from Sycamore Road bus stop to High Level has a continuous pavement, some may find the gradient up the valley side challenging.

Phil Anslow and Sons also operate local bus services around Blaenavon. Two of their services drop visitors off near our railway. The number 30 operates from Cwmbran Bus Station to Blaenavon on a different route to the Stagecoach X24. Alight at the Lion Street terminus, turn left, and then walk down Broad Street (passing The Railway Shop) until you are at the bottom of the valley. Then follow the B4246 up the other side of the valley until you reach Blaenavon High Level. The latter part of this route is the same as from the X24’s Sycamore Road stop, and therefore please note that some may again find the gradient challenging.


Phil Anslow and Sons also serve the Big Pit National Coal Museum on their number 31 service from Brynmawr to Blaenavon. Our Big Pit Halt station can be found at the bottom of the overflow car park. For more information on both services, please visit

  • Do I have to book in advance?
    Yes. At present all tickets must be booked in advance of your visit.
  • Why are you charging a flat fare of £32 per compartment/accessible space?
    The £32 fare is the equivalent of a regular family ticket plus one adult ticket reflecting the capacity of a compartment. Please be aware that online bookings are inclusive of a non-refundable £2.50 booking fee that is paid to our ticketing provider, TicketSource.
  • How many people can fit into a compartment?
    6-8 people. Our compartments can accommodate upto 6-8 people. For comfort, we recommend no more than 4-5 adults and 2-3 small children per compartment.
  • How will my tickets be delivered?
    By email. Once you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation email containing your tickets. Simply scan them on the contactless scanning device in the booking hall upon your arrival.
  • Are you pre-allocating specific compartments?
    No. When you arrive at Furnace Sidings there will be a short queue for you to join before taking an available compartment. All are standard class, and the glass doors separating the compartments from the corridors allow you to see the scenery on both sides of the line.
  • Is my ticket valid all day?
    No. At present all tickets are valid for ONE round trip from Furnace Sidings to Furnace Sidings only. We regret that our Pay Once, Ride All Day policy is suspended until further notice.
  • I am travelling on my own or in a smaller group. Can I get a discount?
    Unfortunately not. Due to the need to manage visitor numbers whilst adapting to the increased cost of our operation, we are unable to offer any discounts at the current time.
  • I am a local resident; am I able to take advantage of the previously advertised 1/3rd discount?
    No, sorry. We regret that the introduction of planned local resident discount has been suspended until further notice. We hope to introduce this offer as soon as it is practical to do so.
  • If I miss my booked train will I be able to catch a later one?
    It depends on available space. Although we will try our best to reseat you on a later service if possible, we cannot guarantee this. We advise that you arrive approximately 15-30 minutes before your scheduled departure to prevent missing your train.
  • Are you collecting any data for contact tracing services?
    Yes. We are proud to support the Welsh Government's Test, Trace, Protect strategy, and we will be retaining contact details of our customers, making them available to relevant public bodies as necessary. By booking with us, you will be consenting to us collecting and using your personal information for this purpose. Unless needed by public health bodies, all contact-tracing data will be securely destoryed 21 days after collection.
  • Where do I board the train?
    Furnace Sidings. At present all passengers must begin and complete their journey at Furance Sidings.
  • Can I start or end my journey at another station?
    No, sorry. As part of our new COVID arrangements all passengers must begin and complete their journey at Furnace Sidings.
  • How long does the journey take?
    50 minutes. The journey will last for approximately 50 minutes from departing Furance Sidings to your arrival back at the station.
  • Do I have to wear a face covering?
    In carriage corridors. At present the law requires face masks/coverings to be worn when travelling on trains in Wales. However, if you are only travelling with your family/extended bubble then you may remove your mask/covering whilst inside your private compartment. Please remember to replace your mask/covering upon leaving the compartment, taking any used items with you. FROM MONDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 YOU WILL ALS0 BE REQUIRED TO WEAR A FACE-COVERING WHILST IN INDOOR SPACES, INCLUDING OUR STATION BUILDINGS.
  • Can I alight at Whistle Inn/Blaenavon High Level to stretch my legs?
    Whistle Inn Halt: No. Although trains will be running to Whistle Inn Halt as first part of journey, we regret that will not be possible to alight/board the train here. Any intending patrons for the Whistle Inn public house should make their way there via alternative means. Blaenavon High Level: Yes. At Blaenavon High Level the train will stop for around 15 minutes whilst the locomotive runs around. You are welcome to alight to stretch your legs and watch this procedure take place. When doing so, please ensure that you maintain a 2-metre distance from others at all times. The path at the northern end of the platform provides additional room to help maintain social distancing whilst watching the run-around proedure. We strongly urge that you wear a face covering or mask when moving around the station environment.
  • Are trains serving Big Pit Halt?
    Not at present. Unfortunately, given the increased operating costs (both financial and in terms of volunteer hours), we regret that trains will not be operating to Big Pit Halt. Intending visitors for the Big Pit National Coal Museum of Wales should access this attraction via alternative means.
  • Will the tea-room and giftshop be open?
    The Firemans Shovel Tea-room: Yes! The tea-room will be open to serve hot and cold drinks, ice-cream and light snacks such as cakes. Eric's Emporium giftshop: Yes! Eric's Emporium will be open stocking a range of gifts, toys and souvenirs.
  • Are the toilets open?
    Yes. However, please be aware that space is limited, and you may have to join a short queue before using them.
  • Can I wait inside the station before my train?
    In the immediate station area. Due to the relatively confined nature of the station building, we ask those waiting around and purchasing refreshements from the tearoom to do so outside. This will help us to maintain social distancing.
  • Can I bring a picnic?
    Yes. We have benches located around the Furnace Sidings station site. Feel free to use these for your picnic, ensuring that your group maintains a safe social distance from others at all time. Please dispose of any litter in the bins provided, or take it home with you.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Yes! Well-behaved dogs are welcome and travel for free. Just please keep them off the seats - dog hair isn't easy to get out of our heritage upholstery!
  • Can I bring my elephant?
    Cuddy toy elephants are certainly welcome! However, we regret life-sized elephants aren't permitted on our trains at this moment in time.
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