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The latest news and updates from our railway.

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We are delighted to show the progress made on our newly adapted accessible carriage after an extensive overhaul by our friends at West Somerset Restoration, Williton.

This carriage now features new double end doors to accommodate wheelchairs users within the main carriage amongst other passengers. This will result in a significant improvement in accessibility for our less able guests.

Since it arrived at Williton the coach has undergone extensive bodywork repairs, an accessible conversion including toilet removal, floor strengthening, bogie exam, asbestos strip, new steam heat and vacuum pipework, gangway overhaul, repaint etc.

The carriage is receiving its final exterior works and will soon undergo a complete internal refit. Once this has been completed the carriage will be transported by road back to Furnace Sidings for the installation of seats and tables by our Carriage and Wagon Department. The coach is scheduled to return to service later in 2024.

Did you know that the carriage was one of the first to arrive at our railway?


After nearly 30 years out of service, it has required a substantial overhaul to return it to service and adapt it for wheelchair users, all funded by your tickets and donations.

We look forward to seeing it operate on our line once again.

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