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Furnace Sidings Cafe.

 We’re keeping a welcome on the hillside for you at the Fireman’s Shovel cafe. 

Sit inside and savour the vintage atmosphere, or enjoy your refreshments amidst stunning scenery on the platform.

A completely new menu awaits you at The Fireman's Shovel including:

Jacket Potatoes (Plain or with a selection of fillings)

Baguettes (11" sub roll, variety of fillings)
Sandwiches (Thick cut Bloomer bread)
4oz and 6oz Beef Burger (in Brioche Buns with salad)
Large Frankfurter Hot Dogs

Burgers made from locally sourced Beef
6oz Ty Porth Burger 
Dragons Breath Burger 
Blaenavon Bacon Sandwiches 

A wide selection of snacks, confectionery, hot and cold
drinks, biscuits, cakes, ice cream etc.

Download the menu in PDF format.
(uploaded June 2023)

If you have any other specific dietary requirements or want anything altered in your order, please let us know. Much of our food is made fresh to order and we can often be flexible. (Vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options are subject to availability).

We will be open for The Halloween Ghost Train and Santa Specials events.



Well behaved
dogs are 
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